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because your smile make me live ♥

so strong, so broken

because your smile make me live ♥

so strong, so broken


Are this tears of loliness?

When suddenly I start crying with no warning, just the tears running through the face. 

I'm so exhausted, I need to rest in my sleep, I need to stop feeling so down and hide it so well with a smile.

I want to this pain stop, I'm so tired of this emotions. Let me breathe with no weight in my heart.

I wish I can control the time, just stop this right now. No more pressure or stress, no more worries and try and try and try once again. Stop in that moments when I'm fine with all and then go forward to the time when I will be with him again.

I don't wanna be so adult sometimes, I want to keep living. Just be that sweet, silly and crazy girl. I don't wanna hear the feelings, I don't wanna get so attached with things that aren't that relevant or are they? 

Why the tears don't stop falling, why I keep feeling so alone. I have my things, my visions but the world is just too unfair. 

How much I can take without fall in the floor? End this quickly, I don't have many more strengths. 

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