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because your smile make me live ♥

so strong, so broken

because your smile make me live ♥

so strong, so broken


Innocence is gone

Don't leave me alone with my monsters. Don't shut me out to being in my own sick world. 

Sitting on the bed, trying to clear is mind, thinking and thinking, feeling much and nothing. 

The past teach leassons, the present is crucial, the future is just losts of questions and fear. 

Accepting the present is hard, specially when the feelings are screaming, when are so much open and not the results that you expect.

Every time the darkness appear, but different circunstances.

I try to be strong, I am strong but when the anxiety attacks ... I doubt about everything, specially my strengh.

The tears, from the heart, start to fall, those deep feelings of pain, fear, loliness. 

Am I falling? Am I shutting out the world again? Am I leaving too much in my own world? 

The innocence is gone. Adulting is a struggle every day, boucing between fight for a future and being already in that future.

I close my eyes, concentrate in my breath, telling myself that everything will be alright, is just the anxiety talking and I already gone so far. I'm fighting for myself, last year thaught me that, I survived so I can too now.

Is too quiet around me, is too loud in my head.