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because your smile make me live ♥

so strong, so broken

because your smile make me live ♥

so strong, so broken


skip the drama

You shouldn't be so soft and feel so intensly. You're fine in one minute and in the other everything take over your body.

It's never that easy. There are good and bad days.


It should be more just for fun, doing the things that you love in the end, and make some money.

You try to be an adult in a young face. You're smarter and know things so you should be just fine, unfortunately luck is also needed.

You're doing your work and without knowing you're dragged to dramas that aren't yours. Other people forgot the main point of that world! Is so hard when you have a strong opinion and can't say anything, just consent and move on.

I really try not be affected by the background noise, I try to have fun and transmite that, I try just be myself and hope that I receive something in return. It feels good in the end, doing one of the things I love and have the results I want.

So... When do you know that is too much? Why do I care so much? I don't even know the people. Why are this affecting me?

I've been discovering so much in the last months. Because the way I am, the people I know, I thought that the world was moving....but is not exactly like that. There still are lots of people that doesn't know how the real things are, or are taugh in wrong ways and have afraid to get out of that wrong comfort zone.

It hits me, I already have some life experience, I already try lot's of new things and don't have afraid to continue to explore. My soft heart can't handle see some people who have so much to reach and don't try because of the fears, bad edducation, traumas, don't have enough self-confidence. 

It tooks some years to have a opinion about several things, have my own word! That's way I really wanna scream to the world.